Italian Cosmetics is an Italian company that offers its customers its great experience in design and marketing of wellness products and services.
The entire cycle of product design, development and marketing focuses on the quality and desire to serve our customers with passion.
These are the values that have made our success and led our company to be recognized for the attention to details, the refined solutions and the enthusiasm with which we face every request. We feel to represent perfectly the Made in Italy in a value chain without equal made from superior raw materials, artisan knowledge, technological innovation and ability to choose partners of excellence in the area.


We aim to provide specific products that can enhance our customers’ life quality. By focusing on the nature, we seek to create high quality products. Health and well-being are the key ingredients that nourish our job and stimulate our product formulation.
Our purpose is to satisfy people who love quality and wish to take full advantage of the nature’s precious fruits.


Italian Cosmetics has been working for years in the market through two worldwide licenses in the cosmetic industry: Mistral and Anne Geddes.


Mistral Sun
We designed a complete range of products, from the sunscreens to the cleansing products, with hints of amber flowers and utterly suitable for the whole family. This product line is safe, effective and realized with the latest generation and absolute quality solar filters guaranteed Made in Italy.
Anne Geddes
The amazing pictures of the world renowned photographer Anne Geddes inspired this line completely dedicated to the care of mothers and children in their most important life moments. The high quality of the natural raw materials combined with an exclusive packaging enhanced from Anne Geddes’ fascinating photos enabled the birth of an unique cosmetic line. Our products are CERTIFIED by CCPB, the Italian Consortium for the Certification of the Organic Products, and 100% ORGANIC.